Fingerprinting, or “press characterization”, is a test that measures press capabilities and can help us create printing plates tailored to your press. Traditionally, fingerprinting is done as a stand alone print job. This requires a complete set of printing plates made to fit your press only. It requires a full set up and press run. It is generally very time consuming and expensive to a printer. It also, unfortunately is only partially effective as a true press test. PlateCrafters is happy to create Fingerprint only plates for your press and analyze the results. However, there is a better way.

PlateCrafters has developed a form of Fingerprinting that is more reliable and cost effective then traditional methods. Instead of creating a stand alone set of plates, we put our test in the margin of live jobs. Not only does this save you the cost of plates, ink, stock and press time; it makes for much more reliable results. When running traditional fingerprints, the pressman knows the job is a test and does not run the test in the same way he runs a live job. It has been our confirmed experience that live jobs will not match the results of a standard fingerprint. However, by running tests in the bearer bars or margins of a live job, we can see what true press conditions are.


There is an additional benefit to live job fingerprinting: continuous monitoring. This means that on every process job, we can run these fingerprinting tests. So on day one, your press may run one way; but 3 months later it may be running completely different. By sending us the scraps from your live jobs, we can keep a continuous watch on how your press is running and update our profile for you on an ongoing basis. Using our Betaflex 334 & spectrodensitometer to read the results; we can adjust our plates for your various station’s dot gain and keep you informed on your own registration and ink density. We can actually help you become a better printer. The best part is that PlateCrafters does not charge any fee to analyze fingerprint results from a live job.

So whether you would like to set up a fingerprint only test, or order a live job to truly profile your press, give us a call now: 888-Flexo-Plate.

Mission Statement

“To honor God and our fellow man through the quality manufacturing of printing plates, enhancing the world we live in via numerous industries; while handling business in such a way that leaves our employees, customers, vendors, and society blessed through our conduct.”