Worldwide demand for corrugated packaging reached $245 billion in 2018 and will grow to over $300 billion through 5 years according to a recent Smithers Pira study. The majority of that corrugated packaging requires custom printing and identification.

To meet these demands, corrugated packagers and end users must rely on experienced die and platemakers to provide the front end service and materials needed to make the final box quickly and correctly.

A qualified trade shop will provide a number of valuable services. The initial process will include possible art design, any changes to the art provided and a project lay out on the box dieline. Once artwork is complete, the right proofing method and print cards will be produced to ensure that the end customer receives the product they desire. Upon approval, a custom made printing die is made that is specifically tailored to the needs of the press that will print the box. This is critical as each press is unique and has numerous variables that must be taken into account.

Some trade shops offer a liquid photopolymer for corrugated printing due to it's low cost and the generally forgiving nature of box printing. However, this can lead to ink voids and inconsistency on press over time as plates wear down. In addition, Flexo printing on a corrugated substrate requires a soft plate to make an impression with the ebbs of the corrugation. That is why the preferred process is to utilize a low durometer sheet flexo polymer printing plate to guarantee the consistency, overall thickness, and ideal ink transfer.

Once the right polymer plate is produced, it can be mounted onto the appropriate carrier sheet with the correct tooling using a Harley mounter. This mounting process performed by experienced technicians with quality materials is required to achieve the results the industry currently demands.

Partnering with a trade shop that understands the needs of the corrugated industry and can offer the appropriate service and materials is critical. PlateCrafters would love to be that partner. We offer a quality guarantee and price match program. So we invite you to give us a call to see how we can help you: 888-Flexo-Plate.

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