Dallas Etch

Dallas Etch

Dallas Etch has provided etched magnesium foil stamping & embossing dies for the print trade & pattern plates for engravers and foundries over the past decade. Dallas Etch, located in Northwest Dallas,  has been the primary source for quality Magnesium Dies throughout Texas and the midwest. Dallas Etch has always been known as the shop that can handle any request.

With this dedication to customer service, Henry & the team at Dallas Etch demonstrated the craftsmanship and care that are necessary in this specialized industry.

In May of 2019, PlateCrafters took up the mantle for Dallas Etch. PlateCrafters is proud to continue in the tradition of tailored customer service. This service combined with the unmatched quality of dies that PlateCrafters can provide has brought even more value to the various engravers, foundries, printers & finishers that Dallas Etch has served over the years.

Mission Statement

“To honor God and our fellow man through the quality manufacturing of printing plates, enhancing the world we live in via numerous industries; while handling business in such a way that leaves our employees, customers, vendors, and society blessed through our conduct.”