Eliminate Gear Marks

Gear marks, also known as Press Chatter or Banding are some of the most bothersome and obvious printing issues you can deal with on press. They often appear as alternating areas of light and dark running across the web direction of your press. These marks will quickly ruin a quality print job, especially in screens and vignettes.

There are a number of mechanical reasons that your press may be leaving these impressions. However, overhauling your press and replacing aging or damaged press mechanics may not always be feasible. This is why PlateCrafters offers a specific plate material designed to reduce and often eliminate press chatter completely. Other variables such as your mounting tape, pressure, ink, etc will play a role. However, if Gear Marks are giving you trouble, we invite you to try one of our plates and see if that doesn’t alleviate much of what you have been struggling with.

Mission Statement

“To honor God and our fellow man through the quality manufacturing of printing plates, enhancing the world we live in via numerous industries; while handling business in such a way that leaves our employees, customers, vendors, and society blessed through our conduct.”