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About PlateCrafters

Platecrafters was founded in 1971 by C.J. Spering. At that time, the pre-press technology consisted of rubber plates made from a mold created by photoengraving or hot type. Hot type, whether it be hand-type, ludow or linotype was also the only way of creating "repro-art". If type was required for ingredients copy, lead slugs were cast and "locked - up" in a form. This type combined with the final art which had to be hand drawn or cut out of rubylith would produce the final artwork. The late 1970's brought great innovations in flexo printing with the advent of photopolymer plates. Platecrafters was one of the first trade shops to expand into polymer plate production. This enabled the printer to achieve much better registration and with it the ability to produce multiple color work.The 1980's arrived with great advancements in typesetting. The technology at the time generated only straight lines of black and white copy that still required to be stripped together.


Platecrafters quickly adapted this technology, installing several work stations of Compugraphic and Varityper equipment. Throughout this time extensive darkroom capabilities were a must. The complete operation required step and repeat equipment, distortion equipment, micromodifiers for trapping and much more. Consequently, a final plate negative often required several steps, each requiring a new negative. Today Platecrafters still operates a complete stripping department and darkroom.

In the 1990's the advancements of graphic oriented computer software turned the flexoplate industry upside down. The ability to produce high end process work and fine screens now became routine. Platecrafters has been there directly participating in the adaption of new computer and plate technology. At the same time we were able to refer to the past to achieve the most efficient means and cost effective way to produce a job.

In 2004 Platecrafters now introduces Digital Platemaking, the latest innovation in Flexo Printing. Throughout our history, Platecrafters has remained a service oriented supplier for all your pre-press needs. While respecting our company's technology roots established in 1971 by C.J. Spering, our emphasis will always remain on quality customer service.

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