Foil Stamping & Embossing

Magnesium Dies

Magnesium is the best material for most hot stamping, embossing, & letterpress applications. Magnesium provides the most value by holding fine detail, transferring heat very well, and being available at a reasonable cost with a quick turn around. Recent quality advancements have made it suitable for all but the most intricate of jobs.

Magnesium comes in a wide variety of thicknesses for hot & cold foil stamping, embossing & debossing, as well as crash printing and letterpress. Both 16g. and 11pt magnesium dies can be mounted on wood to achieve type high. There are also custom molded counters for embossing dies that will ensure a perfect impression without harming the die.

Silicon Hot Stamping Dies

Silicone Rubber Hot Stamping Dies

Silicone Dies are soft heat conductive dies that can be formed to fit a round, curved, or irregular surface. Silicone dies are made from a specialized rubber depending on the need of the job. Silicone dies can transfer foil for graphics, text, and logos on to odd shaped materials that are not flat. They can work well in rigid, plastic & acrylic applications and a variety of flat, contoured or cylindrical-shaped products.  Depending on the end product, a silicone die can benefit in production by preventing deformation around the stamped area. Silicone does a great job with gold & silver metallic foils as well as holographic and prismatic foils. Stamping with silicone dies can often be faster than stamping with other dies.


Polymer Hot Stamping Dies

A recent addition to hot stamping material options is a specialized photopolymer. This very high durometer polymer is steel backed and  specially processed to transfer foil. The uses of polymer are very limited, but for flat applications can provide some of the advantages of silicone in that it will not deform the end product like some metals may. Polymer dies are meant for one job only and will not have the longevity of other options.


Polymer Hot Stamping Die
Copper Die

Copper Dies

Copper dies have become largely obsolete with the improvements made in magnesium and other options. However, there are some jobs that have a run length or level of intricacy that require copper. Though the turn around and cost is much higher than magnesium, the end quality is unsurpassed.  Copper is available in a variety of thicknesses for any application including intaglio.

Whatever hot stamping need you may have, please give PlateCrafters a call and we can assist you in finding the perfect solution.

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