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Flexographic Pre-Press & Design

Every flexographic printer must deal with the concerns of matching customer expectations to a printed end product. Matching a previously printed item, whether from a different process or simply from a different press can be incredibly daunting. Even new products can present challenges as customers have an idea on screen that they want purely reproduced via print.

When you add to this the problem of getting the correct files from customers in the correct format, flexographic pre-press work can be the most pivotal part of the entire printing process. It takes a skilled artist using the correct programs to truly manipulate and pre-flight a file so that the end result will meet the customer’s demands.

There are many steps involved in this process, that some printers try simplify to their peril. A true pre-press artist performing their duty well will complete all of the following in such a way as to get the most from the flexo press the product is printing on:

  • Efficiently build or manipulate graphic files to provide accurate and repeatable color on press
  • Effectively use pre-flight and proofing practices
  • Employ best process color separation techniques
  • Step, Distort, & Trap file appropriately for the Press Specs
  • Employ optimization practices for the plate package
  • Accurately output file using correct specs such as line screen and dot type
  • Use data verification to solve pre-press issues before they reach production
  • Improve communication from the customer to pre-press to the pressroom.

It is incredibly difficult for any printer who has a focus on print quality to also have a full trained staff of pre-press operators who utilize the latest software and hardware necessary to perform all of these tasks. This is why most quality printers turn to a trade shop such as PlateCrafters for the advice and expertise that is available with their dozens of highly skilled graphic artists.

From design and creation to pre-flight and file manipulation to final file output and press customization, the importance of flexographic pre-press can not be overstated. Make sure you invest heavily in this area or turn to someone who does. If you would like to learn more about how PlateCrafters can aid you in your art department, whether through various proofing methods, fingerprinting, or customer training, please contact us. 888-Flexo-Plate

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