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Computer to Plate

Platecrafters has been providing QUALITY prepress services for over 30 years. Digital Flexo Plates, Digital Arts, Flexo Printing Plates and Stamping dies are expertly crafted in our modern facility in suburban Philadelphia. Platecrafters SERVICE thrives with superior commitment to quality, highest end technology, unmatched turnaround time, and consistent pricing. By using Platecrafters expertise, we will guide your growing business and insure your SUCCESS in the competitive industry of Flexo Printing.
Platecrafters newest COMMITMENT to your business success is computer-to-plate technology. We are proud of the opportunity to provide your company the highest quality Flexo Plates available in the industry. Our Art Pro Nexus front end allows a sophisticated, flexible, and EFFICIENT work flow. Artwork Systems’ Nexus Edit is capable of handling any custom requirements of your press. CONSISTENT file integrity is held from the digital proofing stage through the imaging of the digital plate. Hybrid screening provides high quality
printing by producing printable dots as low as 0.5% at 200 LPI. Our Creo Thermoflex Mid CTP unit will allow digital plates up to 40” x 47”. Artwork Systems and Thermoflex CTP are designed to deliver quality that exceeds the expectations of even the most discriminating customer. Platecrafters digitally imaged plates deliver SUPERIOR quality by reducing dot gain on press, allowing printers to hold a smaller dot, widening the range of tonal response, enabling smoother highlight blends, sharper line work, and finer open reverses.
Digital plates imaged on Thermoflex print noticeably cleaner, require fewer washings and will last longer than conventional Flexo Plates. Platecrafters digital plates will have your presses running faster, shortening job turnaround times and increasing pressroom capabilities.
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